SVP On-Campus Student Consultant

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SVP is a network of veterinary hospitals throughout the southern United States. We are a company built and led by veterinarians.

Investing in partnerships and connections at each veterinary school in the south is critical to the SVP culture and future. The SVP university program is growing and expanding at 10 southern veterinary schools. SVP is dependent on student consultants to help the company invest in programs, ideas, activities, and opportunities at targeted veterinary schools. The SVP student consultant will be a vital resource for their schools and he/she will learn, grow and be exposed to our growing network of hospitals across the south.

SVP’s commitment to veterinary students is to provide a collaborative, learning environment for student clinicians and new graduates. The SVP Student Consultant will be the pivot point for SVP investments in time, attention, and funding!


This position is new to Southern Veterinary Partners. You will help SVP build a top flight university program. This position will grow as SVP grows! The SVP Student Consultant will be an important resource for SVP and their network hospitals and an on-campus resource to their veterinary school, community practice/primary care center, and teaching hospital. An outline of key duties for the SVP Student Consultant are as follows:

Time Requirement:


Stipend – 2018:

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